If I Could Tell You - Pre-Order On iTunes 7/15 (Fri.)

7/21/2016 1:07:22 PM

We are thrilled to advocate a short movie  called "If I Could Tell You" to everyone. eIVF is part of the production of this movie which is about a woman, Abby Taylor, who is undergoing a tough situation after many IVF treatments. 

Abby Taylor believe that no matter what, she was meant to be a mother. But starting late in life, her husband and her were forced to try fertility treatments that left them broke and without many options. Looking for a fresh start once they 'stopped trying', Abby attends a transformational 'Breakthroughs and Miracles' seminar led by best-selling author and self-help guru, Sarah Linda McCormick. But what Abby isn't telling anyone, including her husband, is that she is really there to meet with an anonymous sperm donor that she found online. She's going to take one more chance at conceiving a child, even if it means she could lose so much more in the process.

If I Could Tell You not only delves into the struggle of what it's like to struggle with fertility, and is a movie we are excited to see!


Pre-order available starting 7/15 (Fri.)

iTunes US: https://news.eivf.net/home/iicty?country=US

iTunes Canada: https://news.eivf.net/home/iicty?country=Canada

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