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Scientists Create Online Calculator To Assess Potential IVF Success

News from Medical News Today . "British researchers have developed a formula that estimates a couple's chances of having a child through in-vitro fertilization, Reuters reports. A free, online version...read more

Tests Done Through My Fertility Specialist

These tests are best done through your Reproductive Endocrinologist (fertility specialist): Strict sperm morphology Strict morphology is a very specific method of evaluating the shape of sperm. Most laboratories...read more

Predicting IVF Success after First Failure

A recent study out of Stanford University described the 5 most important factors to consider in assessing a future IVF success. I will describe the 5 factors below. The findings...read more

What Can Be Done Before I See a Fertility Specialist?

These tests can be done by your primary care physician or gynecologist prior to consulting your Reproductive Endocrinologist: Day 3 FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and Estradiol (Day 2-3 is...read more

Semen Analysis Overview by Dr. Opsahl

In August of this year, Dr. Opsahl published this wonderfully succinct presentation on his educational blog at the Northwest Center for Reproductive Sciences , which we are pleased to...read more

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