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Infertile Men at Increased Risk of Osteoporosis, Diabetes

According to freepressjournal.in, men with fertility problems are at increased risk of metabolic diseases. http://www.freepressjournal.in/infertile-men-at-increased-risk-of-osteoporosis-diabetes/80302...read more

Why Do Multiple Miscarriages Occur?

Miscarriages are very upsetting, and overall can really be a struggle to deal with. According to todaysparent.com, scientists believe they have found a solution to why this occurs. Here is...read more

Birth Control For Men???

According to theAustralian.com, Contraceptive Pill for Men Close as Experts 'Pause Fertility' Scientists say that they are close to developing birth control pills for men. Experts have for years attempted...read more

Students invent radiation deflecting underwear to stop sperm being fried by mobile phones

Students invent radiation deflecting underwear to stop sperm being fried by mobile phones Students believe silver wire deflects radiation associated with carrying a mobile phone in the trouser pocket Students...read more

'IVF chip' helps capture images of sperm fusing with egg

Every mammal on this planet starts in the same way: a sperm encounters an egg and fuses with it. This process is familiar to every eighth grade biology student, and...read more

Fertility experts identify genetic pattern in womb linked to IVF failure

Fertility experts in Southampton and the Netherlands have identified a specific genetic pattern in the womb that could predict whether or not IVF treatment is likely to be successful. Study...read more

This Is IVF

Cameron John Mullinder’s birth in late 2006 was a milestone. His mother, Louise Brown, was the first in vitro fertilization (IVF) baby in the world, born in England in 1978....read more

Lack of stem cells could underlie recurrent miscarriage

A lack of stem cells in the womb lining could be the reason behind thousands of miscarriages, says research published in the journal Stem Cells that could offer new hope...read more

The Rise of 'Virgin' Moms as More Single Women Pursue IVF

A U.K. clinic is drawing attention to the rise of single women using in-vitro fertilization, with some pursuing motherhood even before they've had a romantic relationship. Dr. Maha Ragunath, medical...read more

4 Myths About Miscarriages

When Christopher Blake's wife got pregnant for the first time, the couple didn't read up on anything that could go wrong. "We were afraid we would 'jinx' the pregnancy ,"...read more

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