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New Fertility Benefit Covers Troops'?

When Defense Secretary Ash Carter addressed changes to maternity and paternity leave Thursday, he also announced that the Pentagon will start covering sperm and egg freezing for troops who want...read more

GQ: When to Worry About... Fertility

M en spend a large part of their lives preventing their partner from getting pregnant and hoping, if any accidents were to happen, that luck would be on their side...read more

Beautiful MRI Captures the Bond Between Mother and Baby

For the first time ever, scientists have used an MRI scanner to create an image that captures the beautiful bond between mother and baby. The heartwarming image is now going...read more

6 Weird Things That Boost Your Fertility

If you are trying to get pregnant (or thinking about it), you’re probably familiar with the standard advice: Maintain a healthy weight. Go easy on the coffee and booze. And...read more

New Implant Allows Men to Turn Fertility On and Off?!

From vasectomies to the male contraceptive pill, there have been many attempts to shift the burden of birth control burden onto men. Now one German entrepreneur believes he has the...read more

More Sex May Mean Better Fertility?!?!

According to Samantha Costa of US news---- Timing is everything, right? Not so fast. Two new studies suggest that having sex at any time may boost a woman's chances for...read more

Can Diabetes Cause Infertility in Men?

According to health experts and doctors, diabetes is becoming a major reason for infertility among males. In both the conditions, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, insulin producing cells in...read more

12 Ways to Relax During The Holidays, Especially During Fertility Treatment

There can never be enough treats. Maybe that’s not the most balanced sentiment I’ve ever felt, or written. So sue me. I love treats. Especially ones that don’t contain the...read more

Drinking Green Tea is Bad for Fertility?

Mmm...There's nothing more satisfying than a nice cup of green tea in the morning. It's tasty and gives you a nice energy boost. Plus, it's got a whole slew of...read more

4 of the Best Holiday Foods to Boost Your Fertility!!!

The holiday season is right around the time. This means family time, parties, shopping and food! While it is important to watch what you eat when trying to conceive, a...read more

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