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Reimplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue from patients with leukemia is potentially unsafe

Ovarian cryopreservation is a technique for fertility preservation of cancer patients. About 13 live births resulted from this technique since about 1995 when the experimental technique began after research...read more

Scientists find way of ‘restarting’ ovaries with stem cells

Stem cell research on rats could pave way for women affected by premature ovarian failure to have children. Women who go through early menopause and are unable to have children...read more

The Artificial Ovary

News that an artificial ovary has been created and could potentially help preserve fertility is a huge scientific breakthrough. Researchers from Brown University just published their very exciting breakthrough...read more

Success of IVF varies with season of the year, study suggests

Reproductive health news from Science Daily . Scientists have long noted that there are seasonal variations in the number of natural human births. No firm explanation has been put forward...read more

'Artificial ovary' develops oocytes into mature human eggs

The latest fertility news from Science Daily . Researchers have built an artificial human ovary that can grow oocytes into mature human eggs in the laboratory. That development could...read more


By the end of the year we will have started a new and very exciting research project in our lab. We have partnered with a company called Incept Biosystems...read more

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