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What happens during the 1st fertility consultation?

Dr Jane Frederick of HRC Fertility explains what you can expect at your initial fertility more

Nicole Kidman is a New Mom with IVF

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are parents to a new baby girl. The new baby, Faith Margaret, joins sister Sunday Rose. Keith and Nicole released a statement to TMZ saying, more

Celebrities That Have Had Fertility Struggles

Fertility issues are common, and coming out to communicate with others about it is incredibly tough. According to the Huffington Post, here is a list of 20 Celebrity figures more

How To Improve Your Guy's Fertility

As you know, a Male has 50% of the responsibility when it comes to producing an embryo. This topic reviews over some easy tips to help improve your Man's more

Sleeping In Underwear Can Hurt Fertility?

Although sleeping with your underwear and other articles of clothing is common, is it recommended? Some Health Officials express their views on the topic. Click Here To Read more

Sunscreen Affects Male Fertility?

Sunscreen is a vital part of life. But the product that protects your skin from cancer and other sun damage may have a negative effect on another part of more

11 Things People Struggling With Fertility Don't Want to Hear

Despite the fact that so many struggle with infertility, a lot of people still don't know what to say or not say to them. Fertility isn't an easy subject more

Fertility Lessons For 11-year-olds?

In Great Britain, it was proposed for schools to teach their kids about fertility issues past a certain age during their sex education classes. This writer feels differently and more

10 Fertility Foods To Try This Week

According to, a "good diet can boost fertility." The list continues simple, easy-to-access foods that can be bought at any local market. Top 10 foods to help couples more

Brad Pitt was Almost a Sperm Donor for Another Celebrity?

Melissa Etheridge Reveals Brad Pitt Was Almost the Sperm Donor for Her Two Kids Read Melissa Etheridge's Full more

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