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Cell phone radiation damages more than sperm count

Another story on modern technology's impact on human fertility went around the web last week with the results of a new study specifically into mobile phone usage and male infertility...read more

Safer Fertility Drug = Same Live Birth Rate

Reproductive health news from Medical News Today . With new information available, authors of a Cochrane Systematic Review have revised their conclusions about the relative effectiveness of two different...read more

Cancer Treatment, Fertility & Family Planning, pt 2

News from Medical News Today . This post highlights the second of two excellent articles recently published by Medical News Today on developments in cancer treatment and treatment planning for...read more

What does the Makena story tell us?

Back in February, St.Louis area company K-V Pharmaceutical announced official FDA approval of their new drug Makena, designed to help a specific population of mothers-to-be prevent the premature birth of...read more

Japanese Lab Research May Cure Male Infertility

Reproductive health news from Medical News Today . There may finally be hope for infertile men that want to reproduce in this lifetime. Sperm has been reproduced in Japanese laboratories...read more

Scientists Create Online Calculator To Assess Potential IVF Success

News from Medical News Today . "British researchers have developed a formula that estimates a couple's chances of having a child through in-vitro fertilization, Reuters reports. A free, online version...read more

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