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The Silence & Stigma of Male Infertility

Huffington Post reviews over how Men can find it embarrassing to admit to fertility issues. Since no one wants to admit it, silence is usually their reaction. "But it’s a...read more

What it's really like to be an Egg Donor

Siobhan Fenton, writer for Independent.co.uk, gives us an inside look on “What It’s really like to an Egg Donor.” The article describes a patient’s experience, and provides how to get...read more

The Worst Thing You Can Say During Infertility

The writer of this article describes the worst thing you could say while struggling with your fertility. Having people constantly pester you doesn't help either, but this is what you...read more

Young People Share Their Stories About Fertility Issues...

Fertility isn't something easy to talk about. Accepting that you have Fertility Issues is even harder. In this article, various people share their stories about their own fertility issues. Read...read more

Depression and Anxiety Can Reduce Women's Success with IVF?

Article from news.health.com- Depression and anxiety — but not necessarily antidepressants — are associated with a lower chance of becoming pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF), a new study suggests....read more

Sperm Fertilizes An Egg

The most magical thing we've seen in quite some time. Fireworks fly after a sperm activates a human egg. Watch Video Her...read more

Does The Age of Your First Period Impact Your Fertility?

While trying to manage your fertility odds, it seems like almost anything can have a role in playing Yes or No. The article listed below explains how age of your...read more

What Disorders Can Affect the Placenta During Pregnancy?

The placenta and its health are vital to the health of a woman's pregnancy and fetal development. This organ provides oxygen, nutrients, and filters fetal waste during pregnancy. It also...read more

Women with epilepsy just as likely to get pregnant as healthy women of childbearing age

In a prospective study, women with epilepsy had a comparable likelihood of achieving pregnancy, time taken to get pregnant, and pregnancy outcomes such as miscarriage, compared to a group of...read more

Researchers identify molecule needed for sperm activation

The cellular switch that boosts the activity of sperm cells so that they can travel to the egg has now been discovered by researchers. The finding may lead to new...read more

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