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Emotional Birth Photos Show the Power of Surrogacy After Struggle

The fertility road can have lots of ups and downs throughout. Here are some photos of a family that ended with the Ultimate UP. Beautiful Pics of Surrogate Famil...read more

CNY Fertility Center To Offer Free Care To....

On the eve of Memorial Day Weekend, CNY Fertility Centers had some very exciting news to announce to the public. To read more about the article, click the link below....read more

Benefits of Sex

How does sex benefit your mental, physical and emotional state? Sex benefits you in more ways than the obvious. Aside from sex being enjoyable for most people, it can also...read more

5 Things Infertility Taught Me

When dealing with Infertility, having a continuous positive attitude through the whole struggle is one of the many important keys. Read the 5 Things this Infertility Warrior has learned through...read more

Does Orgasming During Sex Increase the Odds You'll Get Pregnant?

Does having an Orgasm during Sex increase the odds that you'll become pregnant? Hm. Great Question. Read The Answer Her...read more

Are YOU struggling to conceive? What Role Does Vitamin D play?

Accoring to the express.co.uk, researchers have found that high doses of Vitamin D can lead to fewer complications during childbirth. But will you have complications before getting pregnant? Read More...read more

IVF & Gender Selection: What You Need to Know

When model, Chrissy Teigen, publicly shared that she and her musician husband, John Legend, chose the gender of their child through IVF, she caused a huge uproar among many fans...read more

How Women in Late 20s and Early 30s can Test Their Fertility

Foxnews.com composed an article regarding how they believe Women can test their Fertility chances during their late 20's and early 30's. Since women are becoming more focused on their careers,...read more

5 Conversations You and Your Spouse Need To Have About Fertility

Some conversations you and your other might consider having regarding fertility. Read More Her...read more

How To Get Pregnant at 50- JJ just did.

According to multiple sources, Janet Jackson is pregnant, and she is turning 50 next week. Read what experts say on the matter. Read More Her...read more

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