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How Old is Too Old for Fertility Treatments?

Although a woman's fertility tends to peak between ages 20-30, does this mean that those heading to 40+ should turn away from the idea? Click Here to Read Mor...read more

Exercise Can Help Or Hurt Your Fertility?

It is always recommended to exercise to improve your health and wellness. But, can it play a role in your fertility? Can it improve your fertility? Or can it even...read more

The Most Important Fertility Test for a Man

Information according to resolve.org: The Semen Analysis The single most important test of male fertility What are they looking for? Sperm count Ability of sperm to swim (motility) Velocity or...read more

Does Depression Impact Pregnancy Chances?

Does Depression play a role in your fertility? Boston University's Medical Campus seems to think it can. Read the Study Her...read more

Does Orgasming During Sex Increase the Odds You'll Get Pregnant?

Does having an Orgasm during Sex increase the odds that you'll become pregnant? Hm. Great Question. Read The Answer Her...read more

Are YOU struggling to conceive? What Role Does Vitamin D play?

Accoring to the express.co.uk, researchers have found that high doses of Vitamin D can lead to fewer complications during childbirth. But will you have complications before getting pregnant? Read More...read more

New method may preserve fertility during cancer treatment

Researchers are seeking new ways to help preserve fertility in female cancer patients that undergo treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. They believe they have found a solution. Read more in...read more

IVF & Gender Selection: What You Need to Know

When model, Chrissy Teigen, publicly shared that she and her musician husband, John Legend, chose the gender of their child through IVF, she caused a huge uproar among many fans...read more

How Women in Late 20s and Early 30s can Test Their Fertility

Foxnews.com composed an article regarding how they believe Women can test their Fertility chances during their late 20's and early 30's. Since women are becoming more focused on their careers,...read more

Human Embryos Kept Alive in Lab for Unprecedented 13 Days

Scientists are finally able to study what happens during the first couple of days after implantation in the womb. At Cambridge University, Human Embryos have been kept alive in a...read more

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