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Can Douching In Women Cause Infertility?

Douching, according to wikipedia, is washing or cleaning out the vagina with water or other mixtures of fluids. The article listed below overviews what results douching can have on a...read more

Pharmaceutical birth control pollution in drinking water could cause fertility apocalypse in U.S.

by: Jonathan Benson If you and your family still drink water right out of the tap, you might want to reconsider in light of a new study released by the...read more

Most Inspiring Fertility Story You've Read in a While

This post is one of the most inspiring stories we've overcome in a while. Although it may be tough to understand the struggle, how committed this family was to have...read more

Boost male fertility with the right foods

by: Antoniaby: Antonia As if people needed another reason to eat healthy, whole foods, studies show that the right diet is also a vital factor in male fertility. It's simple:...read more

Vitamin B may protect fertility from pesticide contamination

by: L.J. Devon, Staff Writery: L.J. Devon, Staff Writer (NaturalNews) The Monsanto Company is responsible for redefining farming, making mainstream agriculture dependent on chemicals -- toxins that sterilize the human...read more

Asthma linked to an increased time to pregnancy

Date:February 12, 2016Source:European Lung FoundationSummary:Asthma has been associated with a prolonged time to pregnancy and a decreased birth rate in a new clinical observation study. The current study investigated 245...read more

Can Soy Rich Foods Impact IVF Cycles?

Soy Rich Diets can Protect Women Undergoing IVF A new study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology in January, 2016, has shown that diets which are rich in soy...read more

Are E-Cigs safe for fertility?

Electronic Cigarettes (E-cigs) are gaining popularity and is the new trend even among women. Although they are considered to be a safer alternative to other tobacco products, a new study...read more

Dealing With Problematic Periods While Trying to Concieve

It’s only relatively recently [1] that we’ve truly begun to understand the roles which hormones play in human reproduction. But what a discovery it’s been. We now know that hormones...read more

Fertility Genetics Gene signature of uterus tied to recurrent IVF failure

Written by Catharine Paddock PhD Published: Monday 25 January 2016 email Fertility researchers have identified a specific gene signature in the lining of the uterus that could predict recurrent implantation...read more

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