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How often do happy couples have sex?

Couples who constantly "Netflix and Chill" aren't necessarily happier. In fact, having sex once a week is just about perfect. That's the takeaway from a new study, based on surveys...read more

A Screening with Meaning – Measuring reproductive potential

By Shweta Nayak M.D., Reproductive Medicine Institute (www.teamrmi.com) As information continues to evolve in the area of women’s preventative health, it may appear that the recommendations vary when it comes...read more

The Rise of 'Virgin' Moms as More Single Women Pursue IVF

A U.K. clinic is drawing attention to the rise of single women using in-vitro fertilization, with some pursuing motherhood even before they've had a romantic relationship. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/rise-virgin-moms-single-women-pursue-ivf/story?id=3413400...read more

5 common Infertility Myths and Their Credibility

There are many myths regarding infertility. Below, we present some of the most common ones and crack down on the truth behind them. ------------------ Myth: Infertility is a female...read more

New research shows ovarian transplants appear to be safe, effective

Women who have ovarian tissue removed, stored and then transplanted back to them at a later date have a good chance of successfully becoming pregnant, according to a review of...read more

Our Winners from ASRM Baltimore!

Thank you for stopping by at our booth and paying us a visit! Here is just some of our Prize winners! -----Ms. Victoria from InVia Fertility -----Ms. Helen from Life...read more

Is it time to freeze your sperm?

Young men should freeze their sperm if they want to become fathers later in life, experts have warned. Researchers found that semen is affected as men get older – with...read more

Daily aspirin could increase chance of pregnancy

Taking low-dose aspirin daily could help women become pregnant, particularly those who have previously miscarried. This is according to new research presented today at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine...read more

Scientists discover possible method to repair 'damaged' eggs to improve fertility

Adelaide researchers, in Australia, have discovered a way to improve the chances of a woman becoming pregnant later in life. The University of Adelaide's Robinson Research Institute has discovered a...read more

6 ways to boost your Fertility Now!!!

If I would have had a child when I was the same age as my mom, I would currently have a 12-year-old human. While she never had to worry about...read more

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