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An Open Letter to My Embryo Donor

44-year-old first time mother writes an open thank you letter for her embryo donor. Here is her full article from scarymommy.com: As a mother, or as a couple, you must...read more

Diabetes During Pregnancy Could Pose Harm to Your Baby?

Clearly, watching your health is very important- especially when trying to have a baby. Health Day News expressed their focus on diabetes. Here is the full article: Babies born to...read more

Scientists Have Managed to Make a Baby Without an Egg

Article from eumon.ei describing fascinating news. Here is the full article: We’re always keeping an ear to the ground for advancements in fertility treatments, and when we heard about this...read more

How Celebs Are Helping Everyone Talk About IVF

Bravo TV discusses how "Celebs and Their Fertility Struggles Are Helping Everyone Talk About IVF." The article includes Celebrity IVF patients and even some of their experiences. Here is the...read more

Signs You're Not As Fertile As You Think You Are

Mindbodygreen.com presented an article by Kirsten Karchmer labeled '7 Signs You're Not As Fertile As You Think You Are'. Here is the full article: Being fertile is so much more...read more

Signs Your Body is Not Ready for Pregnancy

This post is part of TheJakartapost.com and overviews a few signs that may signal to wait a bit longer to try to get pregnant. Here is the full article:. Planning...read more

6 Ways to Cope with Infertility Stress

Claire Gagne's post on todaysparent.com shares some insightful thoughts on how to cope with infertility stress. Here is her article: Morning visits to the clinic, injecting yourself daily, monitoring your...read more

eIVFblog #4: Hypnosis For Infertility

Thank you for Contributing Ms. Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD Helen Adrienne has been a licensed clinical social worker in general private practice since 1979 with a specialty in working with...read more

Male Fertility: Interpreting Semen Analysis Results

Published by Dr. Michael Feinman, the medical director at HRC Fertility. Michael A. Feinman, MD, goes in depth to explain what Semen Analysis results really mean on resolve.org. Here is...read more

After IVF, Some Struggle With What to Do with Leftover Embryos

Juli Fraga eloquently delivers a strong and powerful piece for npr.org. Here is the full article: When Scott Gatz and his husband decided to become fathers several years ago, pursuing...read more

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